Friday, 1 July 2011

Installing pyrit into BT5

Hey all,

It's been a while again since the last video. I have spent some serious time doing boot to roots and the metasploit unleashed tut. Anyway this is a two part post; the first being the setup and the second being WPA cracking using pyrit.

That having been said, I'll get on with it!

Pyrit is used to create hash tables, this can be used to crack WPA and test how secure the wireless key is. In this post the primary object is to download and install all of the nessasary components for pyrit.

Pyrit also supports GPU processing, therefore as I have an Nvidia card, I will be setting up pyrit to run using CUDA. This step is optional and will be different if you are using AMD/ATi.

Also it's a good idea to run pyrit list_cores to make sure that it's all working correctly and if you want to see the speed of the cores, run the benchmark.


These commands are taken from another thread on the backtrack forum, as they are the best way to install it and have come up in posts multiple times.

svn checkout pyrit_svn

apt-get install libssl-dev scapy python-dev
cd /pyrit_svn/pyrit
python build
python install
CUDA/Nvidia only!

Then download the nvidia-toolkit from:

Download the CUDA Toolkit for Ubuntu Linux 10.04, it doesn't matter if you already have the graphics drivers as you will need this anyway as it has the compilers. Also, if you accidentally download the dev drivers you won't be able to install pyrit as you need this tool-kit!
cd /pyrit_svn/cpyrit_cuda 
python build
python install

pyrit list_cores
pyrit benchmark

Installing pyrit into BT5 YouTube
Installing pyrit into BT5


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