Monday, 9 May 2011


Righty then, 

This looks at how to crack hashes on the computers GPU. The reason for this, is the parallel architecture of the graphics cards makes certain programs so much faster to run. In this case it's perfect for cracking hashes.
CUDA programs have to be specifically written to run on the GPU and you cannot run anything else on there! Also CUDA is nvidia only, ATi has something similar. 

Right onwards...

Cuda-multiforcer isn't on the backtrack 4 iso. It is in the repositories, therefore;

apt-get install cuda-multiforcer
is all that is needed.

When cuda-multiforcer was first run I received an error; 
./CUDA-Multiforcer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

After some googling, the fix was simple, copy the contents of

Ok, running the cuda-multiforcer;

cd /pentest/passwords/cuda-multiforcer
./CUDA-Muliforcer -c charsets/charsetlowercasenumeric -f /root/j2neon/hash.txt --min 3 --max 6 -h MD5

Ok, the options;
-c is the character set which is in charsets  folder depending on what you need 
-f is the location of the file containing the hash's
--min minimum character length  
--max maximum character length 
-h hash type 


The passwords were short but it's still seriously fast!

Until next time.

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